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We assist employers fulfill their legal obligation to protect employees and persons within their operational boundaries against health and safety hazards. This also extends to promoting health, safety and the wellbeing of all their employees.

We perform Health Risks Assessments to identify hazards employees are exposed to. Below is a range of our Occupational Health service offering.

  • Evaluate traveler itinerary and destination-specific risks.
  • Baseline (Pre- and exit employments) Health Screening
  • Ill Health Medical Examinations and Case Management
  • Risk-Based Medical Surveillance
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Design of the OREP (Occupational Risk Exposure Profile)
  • Treatment and Referral of IOD’s
  • Wellness Day Screening
  • Administer all IOD Cases
  • Participation in Disaster Management Activities
  • Drug Testing and HIV Screening
Tests for job specifications:
  • Drivers, machine operators: Keystone eye test, sugar levels
  • Employees working on heights: sugar levels, height questionnaire
  • Firefighters and ramp workers: Spirometry, Chest Xray where indicated

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